How To Change File Extension in Windows

I have seen many computer users who dont even know how to change the file extension of a filename in Microsoft Windows operation system. I wonder why people use computer then? I guess instead of buying a DVD Player people started buying computer systems, with a thought that DVD Player can play DVDs only, whereas a Computer can play DVDs + It has an Internet. Wow! Double Credits πŸ™‚

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Country Code Top-Level Domains List (ccTLD)

All the names are in alphabetical order with respect to country name.

.ac – Ascension Island *
.ad – Andorra
.ae – United Arab Emirates
.af – Afghanistan
.ag – Antigua and Barbuda *
.ai – Anguilla
.al – Albania
.am – Armenia *
.an – Netherlands Antilles
.ao – Angola
.aq – Antarctica
.ar – Argentina
.as – American Samoa *
.at – Austria *
.au – Australia
.aw – Aruba
.ax – Γ…land Islands
.az – Azerbaijan

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