iPhone Holographic SMS and Apps

Apple iPhone Holographic SMS Text MessagingYes! I am sure you are shocked, amazed and wowed by the title of this post. Today I was just surfing around YouTube and was amazed to find a video which I wanted to share it with you. Then I googled about it and found a lot of different things and views about it. The first video here shows the Holographic SMS Text Messaging on the iPhone. Some guy posted an application on Google Apps and claimed that it can create a holographic image/video of on the iPhone.

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Mobile Phone Handset with Projector

Is your mobile screen too small to view videos and see the photos. Why do you worry? There are intelligent people out here. The new conceptual mobile phone handset has been documented out which has a built-in projector. Simply point your mobile phone handset towards a wall and yes there you go. Get a huge projection of your mobile screen on the wall. Watch videos, movies and photos on a wide scale.

Here are two photos of this conceptual new mobile phone with projector in it.

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