iPoint 3D, Control your TV and monitor with hands

iPoint 3D TechnologyWhen someone says 3D, your mind would come up with 3D glasses and some movies. 3D technology is a really nice one, as you get a whole new experience watching stuff. I remember watching a 3D cartoon movie once, it was really good specially the cute glasses they give :). Now, the whole idea of 3D technology is going to be changed with the iPoint 3D designed by Fraunhofer-Gesselschat. This technology would help you control your 3D TV and computer, simply with your hand gestures. The best part of it is that you require no glasses do this.

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Amazing LCD Screens !!!

Sometimes when we see something,its not actually like that as we thought of it to be.I got my hands on some really amazing and interesting pics,which i would love to share with you guys here.These pics have no photoshop effect and are totally natural.

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Wi-Fi Blocking Paint for Safe Network

computersCreating a safe wireless network enviroment is very important,as there is always chance for a outside invansion.The methods to to such is by placing energy-efficent windos by using mesh metal,but these methods are very expensive.Japanese researches have developed a Wi-Fi blocking paint to make the wireless network enviroment protected from outside attacks.This method is cheap and easy to imply.
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Microsoft’s Fugoo is all set to change your Life

FugooMicrosoft is for sure playing its part in the upcoming technology development scenario.Fugoo from Microsoft,tops the list as it is going to change the way we look at things.It can turn a simple photo-frame into something that shows up daily news etc or turn a alarm clock into something that will tell you if in how much time you need to get to your office.

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Apple launches a Recycled Wall Clock

Apple LogoI always have been a windows user,but i won’t lie and would admit the fact that Apple comes up with fascinating and thought provoking ideas.As the whole global community is going green,and supports for using recycled and eco-friendly materials is rising.Apple is no less a supporter of this very cause,to show its responsibility towards it has launched a walk clock which uses the old Mac G4 panel side as the recycled material.Pic after the break.

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