Al Pacino’s Top-5 Best Movies

Al PacinoAl Pacino is one actor whom i respect the most when it comes to natural and spontaneous acting.The actor made his debut in the year 1969 but got recognition in the 1972’s classic movie “The GodFather” staring with the great Marlon Brando.Up till today he has done some really memorable movies,and here i will list my top 5 best Al Pacino movies.

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Undiscovered 1937 Bugatti will go for Auction

This story is amazing,a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S which spent 50 years in a garage got discovered by the owner’s nephew recently.The owner’s name was Harold Carr who bought this beauty in the 50’s from Earl Howe.Now this car will go into auction,after being untouched for more than half a century.Interestingly only 17 of this type were made !!,pic after the break.

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