Solar-Powered iPhone Charger, SOLiCharger

SoliCharger Solar-Powered iPhone ChargerSolLight introduced a solar power charged rechargable seperate battery for iPhone, iPod and iPod-Touch. SOLiCharger battery provides 50% full charged backup to your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod-Touch. The charger connects to the iPhone terminal and there is no need cord or anything.

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Doodle Kids an iPhone App developed by 9 years old boy

Doodle KidsDoodle Kids is a new Apple iPhone application which is designed by a 9 years old boy. Lim Ding Wen a 9 years old boy student from Singapore. Lim said that he made this Application for his younger sisters who are 3 and 5 years old. Doodle Kids is an Application for children who likes to draw and paint. Doodle Kids allow you to draw/paint using your fingers and then to clear the screen you need to shake the screen.

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Gramophone Look-a-Like Speakers for Players

Gramophone SpkearsAre you a person who like antiques? If yes then you must read on this post.People of old generation listened to music on their gramophones but the trend flew down with the rise of speaker technology.However,some people kept their old gramophones with them as a antic piece but the only problem they had,that the music can’t be played on them.But now their is something to cheer about the gramophone speakers 😉

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White Keyboard from Apple

Apple White KeyboardApple is my favourite when it comes to ‘bright new ideas’,whether you are not a Apple fan still you would agree that they are the most inovative and have a very modern approach towards technology.Apple is always in news because of their new ideas.This time their designer Steve Lee came up with a simple yet unique idea.He got the Apple keyboard and turned it all white even the key alphabets are white !!

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Apple launches a Recycled Wall Clock

Apple LogoI always have been a windows user,but i won’t lie and would admit the fact that Apple comes up with fascinating and thought provoking ideas.As the whole global community is going green,and supports for using recycled and eco-friendly materials is rising.Apple is no less a supporter of this very cause,to show its responsibility towards it has launched a walk clock which uses the old Mac G4 panel side as the recycled material.Pic after the break.

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Apple is going with the “Wheel”

This story will amaze you,Apple has introduced the revolutionary laptop which has no keyboard !! Well yes you read it right.Steve Job launched this new laptop called the Macbook Wheel.Instead of the keyboard,this laptop uses a wheel to do the work.Check the video after the break (must see).

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iPhone Holographic SMS and Apps

Apple iPhone Holographic SMS Text MessagingYes! I am sure you are shocked, amazed and wowed by the title of this post. Today I was just surfing around YouTube and was amazed to find a video which I wanted to share it with you. Then I googled about it and found a lot of different things and views about it. The first video here shows the Holographic SMS Text Messaging on the iPhone. Some guy posted an application on Google Apps and claimed that it can create a holographic image/video of on the iPhone.

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New Conceptual Gadgets and Latest Technology

Here are some of the new conceptual gadgets and technology products. The single stick folded umbrella. The Mat, or Rug or is it a bed? The new conceptual laptop by Apple Mac, in which you can separate the screen from the keyboard. The Wooden laptop! and many more..!

Here is the collection of photos of these new conceptual products.

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Download Top 20 Free iPhone Games

Apple iPhone is getting popular day by day. Recently Apple released their new firmware version of iPhone 2.2 which is available to download for free and letting users upgrade their iPhone mobile handsets. New users of iPhone find it quite difficult to find games for iPhone. Therefore, I am posting the Top 20 free games of Apple iPhone.

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