Get your own Windows 7 beta product key

Windows 7Windows 7 Beta is a hot issue on the Internet since last two days. Everyone is talking and blogging about it. Since the announcement of Windows 7 beta for public release at CES2009 by the Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, everyone (including myself) was not able to sleep properly. I had only slept for 5 hours during these last two days and was trying to get my hands on Windows 7 Beta and put it online for my viewers. Here I’ll now guide you on how to get your own Microsoft Windows 7 Product Key (aka Activation Key). Learn about how to download Microsoft Windows 7 beta from official links.

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Activation Keys for Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7Alot of you guys might have the links to download the new version of Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 Beta, but don’t have the activation key of it. I have collected alot of keys from different sources and would like to share with you people. After you  download Windows 7 beta, use the following keys to activate it.

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