Facebook new interface sucks

Facebook LogoRecently in this week facebook brought a major change in the interface of the home, profile and pages design. At the very first sight I liked it, but later after using it for half an hour I realized it sucks big time. This is the third time facebook has changed its interface. The previous one was way cool and people liked it, on the hand people started to get along with it. But this new one, first you have to look where the things are now. There are alot of things missing in this new interface of facebook which made its repute the worst.

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Facebook asks for help in language translation

Facebook LogoAfter the Facebook spam attack today which approximately took over 5million profiles in a single day, now facebook is asking for help. Help not for spam actually! Facebook is asking it’s users to help them in translating the facebook interface in different languages. Few hours ago there was a notice on the “home” page of my facebook profile, in I was notified that I can now select my local language for the facebook. Now couple of hours later, the notice has been changed.

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Megaupload.com new design is better

Megaupload, MegaVideo, Megarotic LogoMegaupload.com finally realized the problem and changed the total design of the website. They had been trying hard to get into the business more like the rapidshare but had always been lacking behind. Megaupload’s major problem in the previous design was the total flash based interface. Everything on the site was flashed based and the users used to get annoyed with slow loading speed of the website.

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You’re My One True Love Twitter

Twitter LogoA Poem by my very good friend Mumma Bear

My one true love
I found you way back in march 2007
you were the one to have and i had you
I straight away connected with you
The initial attraction was so great
Every waking moment you were in my thoughts
Having you listen to my every word was fresh and new
You hung on my every word regardless of its meaning
After all this time i still feel we connect in one way or another
Time spent together is wonderful,
On occasion you let me down, when i tried to contact you,
You weren’t there, but not many hours later you would return
Others have come and gone, yet you still remain
My one true love,
No matter where i am, you’re in my thoughts
Within seconds, i can reach out to you
Parsing takes seconds and instantly were connected
Many months have passed and you’re still my only true love
Where ever i am what ever im doing, your there for me
Occasionally you come up trumps with a few words that inspire me
Others just annoy me
Our love grows as our contacted increases
You’re my one true love Twitter

Why I hate Digg.com

Digg LogoDigg is one of the most famous social story-sharing website (that’s what I call digg). Whatever people of the Internet likes they digg the article or the website. I still am unable to understand what is the main purpose of the digg. If you people out there who got new blogs or websites think that digg will help you increase your traffic, then YOU ARE WRONG! I had been trying with the digg to get a success over the last year but still today, believe me I’m unable to get traffic out of digg.

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Windows Live Hotmail new design still lack some features

Microsoft Windows Live LogoWindows Live Hotmail team had been working hard on improving the working and outlook of the Windows Live Hotmail. Few days back I noticed a change in the design of the Windows Live Hotmail. The new design is quite spacey and have a better view of the mails. The top advertisement banner is removed and now your inbox only have a side banner which gives you more space for your emails.

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Free Twitter SMS Alert by Twe2

twe2 - free twitter sms alert worldwideTwe2 is a new website which started their service from UK and now gradually expanding it worldwide. Twe2 is a free SMS service for twitter. By signing up with Twe2 you can receive Direct Messages and @Replies to you from your followers right on your mobile phone in the form of SMS. I’m living in Pakistan and I signed up with this service and its looking pretty cool to me.

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Google Gmail New Mod: Multiple Inboxes

Google Mod - Multiple InboxesGoogle Labs is working days and nights to built new features for Google. Today Google released a new feature for Gmail called “MultiInbox”. Now you can have mulitple inbox canvases on your gmail inbox page. You can create filters and apply them using simple gmail search commands.

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Google had a problem with SERPs

GoogleYesterday Google was having some error with their search engine. Maxim yesterday reported to Google that he is receiving a strange kind of SERPs from Google when he is trying to search on google.ru with “site:www”. Later Philipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped posted it and was still unsure that was it an error or what. The results on SERPs were showing the urls of the results as “www/google/com” instead of “www.google.com”. You can see the screenshot below.

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CheckLive.info – Google Page Rank Checker

www.CheckLive.info Google PR Checking WebsiteThis article would be the center of attraction for almost all the gals and guys here who are owning their own website. Google Page Rank is one of the most trusted ranking of the websites considered on the Internet. The more your rank is the better your quality of website it. I came across a new website which helps you track your Google Page Rank.

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