Microsoft Windows 7 and Live Wave 3 releasing in a day

Windows 7At the CES2009 conference, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced the beta version released of the most awaited new Microsoft Windows called Windows Seven (Windows 7) to the general public. Before this Windows 7 was only available for the Microsoft Developers Network to check the errors and bugs. Microsoft is very concerned about this new version of Windows because of its predator Windows Vista negative impact.

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Which is the first web browser?

Mosaic LogoMany people still wonder that which web browser was the first one. Many think that Netscape was the first browser, but they are wrong. The first web browser was called “Mosaic”. Mosaic was developed by two guys¬†Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (also known as NCSA).

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Google Chrome is no more BETA

Google ChromeGoogle finally came out of the BETA version. Google said that they have met all the important security and other backdraws of the browser and have finally launched their browser. Google Chrome browser was released 100 days ago and within these 100 days 14 update patches were released for the browser. And now on 11th Dec. 2008 the 15th update is without the BETA tag.

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VirtualDub was a college timepass work

Most of you who are into video editing and video ripping must know about the software called “VirutalDub”. The developer of this software says that he actually was having a time-pass in his college when he made this software. He was actually making a simple screen capturing and encoding kind of program and then he came upto it. He uploaded VirtualDub to his website, people started downloading it and liked it. In the end he released VirtualDub with GNU General Public License.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 Launch Delayed

Microsoft delayed the launch of their new web browser Internet Explorer 8.0 and said that in the first quarter of the next year they will first release its newer update version after the beta and beta 2 release which is generally called “release candidate”. Microsoft IE8 RC1 is expected to hit the market in the first three months of year 2009.

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VLC Media Player 0.9

Playing video files of different types is a problem for the generic Windows Media Player. You need different codec to play files such as .avi files which are converted using XViD or DiVX or any other such type of encoders. So VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) is one of the best players that I came across.

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All mIRC Commands

There are alot of people who are new to mIRC and hardly know what to do there with the commands. There are many ready made scripts available too, but still I thought it will be good if I write a guide for the non-script users and tell them about all the mIRC commands.

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Yahoo CEO says, Microsoft must buy Yahoo!

At Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, California, Yahoo’s chief executive Jerry Yang said “To this day the best thing for Microsoft to do is buy Yahoo….”. This statement of Yahoo’s top leading executive once again shook the Internet and IT Industry.

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Google Maps With GPS Tracker 14

If you are on the move and you have a laptop with any GPRS or 3G device, then with the help of this software you can find your exact location anywhere in the world.

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How to Download Files from Rapidshare

Most of the Free Download websites, which are generally called Warez websites upload the softwares, applications, games, movies, music, etc. to free uploading websites like Rapidshare. Rapidshare is one of the BIGGEST free file hosting website service. Rapidshare’s storage servers have several petabytes (1PetaByte is equal to 1Million GigaBytes).

There are many internet users who are afraid of Rapidshare and don’t even have the idea that how to download the files from rapidshare website. Please note that the Rapidshare appearance may change from time-to-time but they procedure of downloading will remain something similar to my this guide.

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