Facebook asks for help in language translation

Facebook LogoAfter the Facebook spam attack today which approximately took over 5million profiles in a single day, now facebook is asking for help. Help not for spam actually! Facebook is asking it’s users to help them in translating the facebook interface in different languages. Few hours ago there was a notice on the “home” page of my facebook profile, in I was notified that I can now select my local language for the facebook. Now couple of hours later, the notice has been changed.

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Facebook fake spam “Profile Violation Reported Notification”

Facebook LogoFacebook is one of the biggest social network website, with over $500million of assets. Facebook provide it’s users to create their own application and add them to their profile. Many companies have started professional development of apps for facebook. Today there was a strange spam notification that I received. The notification said “XXX just reported your profile as it is in violation of Terms and Conditions! Click for Details”. This is not any report to facebook, rather its a spam application. Following is the screenshot of the spam notification:

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Why I hate Digg.com

Digg LogoDigg is one of the most famous social story-sharing website (that’s what I call digg). Whatever people of the Internet likes they digg the article or the website. I still am unable to understand what is the main purpose of the digg. If you people out there who got new blogs or websites think that digg will help you increase your traffic, then YOU ARE WRONG! I had been trying with the digg to get a success over the last year but still today, believe me I’m unable to get traffic out of digg.

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Free Twitter SMS Alert by Twe2

twe2 - free twitter sms alert worldwideTwe2 is a new website which started their service from UK and now gradually expanding it worldwide. Twe2 is a free SMS service for twitter. By signing up with Twe2 you can receive Direct Messages and @Replies to you from your followers right on your mobile phone in the form of SMS. I’m living in Pakistan and I signed up with this service and its looking pretty cool to me.

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ASCII Twitter and Facebook Emoticons for Chat & Status Message

How to use Emoticons in Twitter and Facebook Status? Its been quite a while that I used Orkut now a days. From Orkut I remember how people used to use some Ascii emotions in their profile, nicknames and later in their status message. So I just tried it over facebook and twitter and it worked there too. There are some special UTF compatible characters that can be used on a website just like a text. So now instead of putting a : ) emoticon you can use ☺

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Twitter History with Google Calender

TwistoryI came across a nice website called Twistory which allows you to keep a record of your twits from twitter using third party online calendars. With the help of this you can store your twits in the calender with time and date tags so that you can maintain a full history of your twitter. It will become like a diary for you of your twitter.

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Twitter puts a stop to your sex life

Twitter Stopped Sex LifeTwitter a very fast growing social community is a network that I joined few days back. I had no idea that I’ll get that much addicted to it and as a result I don’t get time to do anything else, even don’t like to watch porn anymore 🙂

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