Call-Out Shaped Speakers

Stylized gadgets are always a fun to see and have.Being a music lover,my first priority are my speakers.I was so much bored of my old speakers and wanted to change with something new and stylish,and found just the right ones.Speak-er has lately announced their new […]

Internet Radio by SANYO

Internet radio technology is simply amazing,all you gotta do is connect to the internet and you would get thousands of radio stations.Music lovers always get amuzed with such gadgets.SANYO has introduced a new internet radio that connects via WiFi and Ethernet.

One Hit Wonders

I was wondering the other day about all the one or two hit wonders that have come and gone. They have teased us, titilated us, entertained us and left their marks till posterity. One thing they haven’t done is give us more hits. I have […]