Sony brought world’s first OLED flexible color screen

Sony OLED Flexible ScreenSony has brought to CES a flexible color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen that could be seen in future, highly portable electronics devices.

The screen, dubbed “Flex OLED” by Sony, is just a few inches across, is manufactured on a thin sheet of plastic and can be gently bent while it’s showing video.

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Razer’s new Mamba gaming mouse

Razer Mamba Gaming MouseRazer announced their new gaming mouse to be released in Feb. 2009 called “Razer Mamba“. This new Razer is a successor to the DeathAdder and Copperhead mice. The best part of this mouse is that it is wired and wirelesss mouse both. You can attach the cord to it to make it wired or you can use it wirelessly at 2.4ghz wireless technology. It has this 7 meters long wire which makes it feasible for the gamers to have the wired mouse for better sensitivity of the cursor.

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Optic Fibre repairing robot submarine reached at site

Undersea Optic Fibre CableOn Friday, the underwater optic fibre cable connecting Asia with Europe and US was cut down at the Mediterranean Sea. This is the second time in the year that this cable was damaged. As a result most of the Middle Eastern countries including – United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen; were knocked out from Internet access.

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Sony Vaio Transparent Screen Laptop (Video)

Sony VaioFew weeks back I posted the photos of the new Sony Vaio laptop which had a transparent screen. You can see through the screen when there is nothing to display on the screen. I found a video of the demonstration of this transparent screen laptop and wanted to share it with you people.

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NVIDIA announched Personal Supercomuter for $10,000

“NVIDIA announced a new category of supercomputers — the Tesla Personal Supercomputer — a 4 Teraflop desktop for under $10,000. This desktop machine has 4 of the Tesla C1060 GPU computing processors. These GPUs have no graphics out and are used only for computing. Each Tesla GPU has 240 cores and delivers about 1 Teraflop single precision and about 80 Gigaflops double-precision floating point performance. The CPU + GPU is programmed using C with added keywords using a parallel programming model called CUDA. The CUDA C compiler/development toolchain is free to download. There are tons of applications ported to CUDA including Mathematica, LabView, ANSYS Mechanical, and tons of scientific codes from molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and electromagnetics; they’re listed on CUDA Zone.”

Source: Slashdot
Posted by timothy on Sunday November 23, @04:25AM

USB 3.0 to be supported on Windows Vista at least

Los Angeles, November 9, 2008: For those of you unaware Microsoft’s talk last Thursday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference centered around the delays in the finalization of specifications of USB 3.0. The expected final specifications are to be announced in San Jose, Calif., on November 17.

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Overview of Intel Core i7 Processor

In August 2008, Intel announced there new upcoming next generation 45nm microarchitecture desktop processor which will join the family of “Intel Core” processors, codenamed as “Nehalem”. Intel tagged this new Nehalem processor as “i7” which apparently shows that it will be a 7-core processor. The “Intel Core i7” will come out in two different series – Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition.

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NEC Launches Express 5800 6-Core Xeon Processor Server

NEC Launches “Express 5800 Scalable HA Server,” Equipped with the Latest 6-Core Xeon Processor

NEC Corporation announced the sale of their new Express 5800 Scalable HA Server which is equiped with 6-Core Xeon Processor, Intel(R) Xeon(R) 7400-series.

96-Core / 16 Processor Capabilities

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Finally! TDK 6x Blu-Ray Recordable Disc in US

TDK (Imation) finally is launching the first 6x Blu-Ray Discs in US. There will be two kind of capacities of the Blu-Ray Disc.

TDK BD-R – Dual Layer : 50GB/GO (1-6x) BD-R DL
TDK BD-R – Single Layer : 25GB/GO (1-6x) BD-R

I am not sure about the expected price of the 6x BD-R. I have heard that it will be somewhere like $13 for single layer and $34 for the dual layer disc.