Sony Cybershot DSC-G3 10.1MP Camera with Wi-Fi and Web Browser

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 Digital CameraLos Vegas, 8th Jan. 2009 – Sony introduced the new Cyber-Shot digital camera DSC-G3. It is a 10 Megapixel Camera and is quite slim in size. The best part of this camera is that, it has a built-in Wi-Fi® and has a web browser. This makes Sony to introduce the world’s first digital camera with a Wi-Fi and Web Browser in it. You can take your photos – post it directly from your camera onto websites. The Sony default home page of this web browser has the direct links to Google Picasa for uploading your photos, YouTube and DailyMotion links for uploading your Videos. The price of this camera will be $500.

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iPod’s new competator, Samsung P3

Samsung made a good show at CES2009 today, by introducing two high tech products, the Luxia LED HDTV and Samsung P3. Samsung P3 is a new touchscreen multimedia player. The P3 has a WQVGA 3-inches touch screen which gives a wide space for the users to play around. P3 shows you the high quality images and videos in 16:9 ratio. And yes, the feature that iPod does not have – A speaker! Samsung P3 has a built in speaker so that you can enjoy your rocking music load and clear.

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Data Backup USB by SanDisk

SanDisk Backup USBBacking up your data is very important,as there is no assurance of your data being safe when your computer jams up.There are a number of ways you can store your data like in external hard-disks etc.SanDisk is launching its backup USB drive which will backup all your data,with only one click of a button.

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DigiFi’s Wireless Headphones are Sleek

Wireless headphones have always been the best ad-on for your iPods or any other player that you have.Its much effective than the used wired headphones,as you can move your head freely to the tunes you are listening and also because they look supercool.DigiFis Digital Opera wireless headphones are new in the market and give an amazing sound quality.

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Samsung F700 – The Ultra Smart Series Phone

Samsung F700 - The Ultra Smart Series PhoneSamsung has annoucned its ultra smart smartphone the F700.The phone has a fullscreen touch-screen interface,which is very much in vogue these days.It also carries the most important easy mobile internet facility.According to Samsung,this phone has the best of accesories to compete against the best in the market.

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iPhone Holographic SMS and Apps

Apple iPhone Holographic SMS Text MessagingYes! I am sure you are shocked, amazed and wowed by the title of this post. Today I was just surfing around YouTube and was amazed to find a video which I wanted to share it with you. Then I googled about it and found a lot of different things and views about it. The first video here shows the Holographic SMS Text Messaging on the iPhone. Some guy posted an application on Google Apps and claimed that it can create a holographic image/video of on the iPhone.

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New Conceptual Gadgets and Latest Technology

Here are some of the new conceptual gadgets and technology products. The single stick folded umbrella. The Mat, or Rug or is it a bed? The new conceptual laptop by Apple Mac, in which you can separate the screen from the keyboard. The Wooden laptop! and many more..!

Here is the collection of photos of these new conceptual products.

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Portable 2-in-1 Mp3 and CD Player

CD Players (DiscMan) had always been too big to carry as a portable player. Mp3 Players whereas on the other hand are very small and easy to handle. A new conceptual 2-in-1 mp3 and CD player is presented on the internet these days showing how a small mp3 player can also play CDs in it.

What I think is, it is not a big deal to make such a player. It is very simple and can be made. Just a reading lens and a spinning motor will be additionally used in it.

Here are the photos of this conceptual 2-in-1 mp3 and cd player.

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Conceptual Double Touch Screen Slider Mobile

A new conceptual mobile phone handset has been presented. It is a slider mobile phone handset and both the top and the inner part of the mobile is a touch screen. The main Screen and the inner dialpad (usually buttons) are also the touch screen.

Look at the photos of this conceptual dual touch screen slider mobile phone handset.

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