Download TweetDeck v0.38.2 (Old Version)

TweetDeck was bought by Twitter last year and before the start of the new year, Twitter changed TweetDeck entirely. The new look was ok, but feature wise the new TweetDeck actually sux. That’s not what I say, but almost all the people I know. There are very limited features in the new TweetDeck. The New TweetDeck is a native app for Windows and MacOS whereas, the previous one was built in Adobe Air.

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Why Apple called iPad as iPad?

Apple had always made all the rumors in the market go wrong as per traditions. Everyone was hoping the name of the new Apple Tablet PC to be called as ‘iTablet’ but yesterday at the launch of that tablet pc millions around the world were simply surprised by the name they gave it, an Apple ‘iPad’. Yes, it sounds funny and strange. I was thinking may be Steve’s Windows Shut Downed and he couldn’t think of a better name 😀

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How To Earn Money From Twitter?

Twitter LogoSocial Media Marketing is a new concept which started couple of years back. Twitter is one of those social network websites. Twitter – Mini Blogging is such an addiction that people cant leave it. They want to share each and everything with the world around them. I read a news somewhere – I tweet. I eat something – I tweet. I sleep – I tweet. I walk – I tweet.

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Windows Live Messenger Strange Pop Up Message? Linked with Twitter and Facebook?

Microsoft Windows Live LogoYesterday when I logged in to my Windows Live Messenger a popup window opened and had a strange things on it. Usually such kind of text is found on the web templates which was written on it. The date mentioned on that popup message was “September 2008” and then I clicked the Learn More button, it took me to

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Tweeps With Highest Number of Twitter Followers

I still can’t think of a proper title for this post, but I guess may be it’s relevant to the topic. Do you know which users got the maximum or highest number of followers? How many twitter followers you have? Hundred or may be something in Thousand figure? That’s quite less. OK, let me ask you again, how many maximum followers can you think of? What do you think would be the maximum number of followers someone has on his twitter? The answer is 1,804,029.

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You’re My One True Love Twitter

Twitter LogoA Poem by my very good friend Mumma Bear

My one true love
I found you way back in march 2007
you were the one to have and i had you
I straight away connected with you
The initial attraction was so great
Every waking moment you were in my thoughts
Having you listen to my every word was fresh and new
You hung on my every word regardless of its meaning
After all this time i still feel we connect in one way or another
Time spent together is wonderful,
On occasion you let me down, when i tried to contact you,
You weren’t there, but not many hours later you would return
Others have come and gone, yet you still remain
My one true love,
No matter where i am, you’re in my thoughts
Within seconds, i can reach out to you
Parsing takes seconds and instantly were connected
Many months have passed and you’re still my only true love
Where ever i am what ever im doing, your there for me
Occasionally you come up trumps with a few words that inspire me
Others just annoy me
Our love grows as our contacted increases
You’re my one true love Twitter

Free Twitter SMS Alert by Twe2

twe2 - free twitter sms alert worldwideTwe2 is a new website which started their service from UK and now gradually expanding it worldwide. Twe2 is a free SMS service for twitter. By signing up with Twe2 you can receive Direct Messages and @Replies to you from your followers right on your mobile phone in the form of SMS. I’m living in Pakistan and I signed up with this service and its looking pretty cool to me.

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Twitter History with Google Calender

TwistoryI came across a nice website called Twistory which allows you to keep a record of your twits from twitter using third party online calendars. With the help of this you can store your twits in the calender with time and date tags so that you can maintain a full history of your twitter. It will become like a diary for you of your twitter.

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What is Google Latitude? finding friends location

Google Latitude ReviewGoogle introduced its new service called Google Latitude. This is a more of a mobile device service. You can visit and share your location with your friends. With Google Latitude you can easily see where your friends are right now, you can contact them via SMS, IM or Phone call.

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