Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yes, It is the ‘iPhone 5′ – Apple’s Event Invitation Image Confirms

Apple invitation for September 12th with iPhone 5

The wait is over and Apple today sent out the invitations to the media and press about the September 12th, 2012 event. What everyone is expecting and what I’m expecting as well is that 09/12/12 is going to be one of the biggest events in the history. The image inside the invitation email shows a big ’5′ as a shadow under the date ’12′. This shows that what everyone was expecting is true and the new iPhone is called ‘iPhone 5‘. It looks like that the officially iPhone 5 release date is September 12th, 2012 now.

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Apple New iPhone 5 Rumors & Predictions May Go Wrong

Predicted iPhone 5

For the last couple of months everyone is talking about the new iPhone 5 by Apple and many predictions and rumors came out. Some of the blogs got their hands on some parts of the new Apple iPhone 5. Even few of the people gave a predicted specifications of the phone too. The new iPhone 5 rumors show (even some bloggers believe) that it will have A6 processor which will be 1.4GHz Quad Core and 1GB of RAM.

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Free Nokia Lumia 900 for College Freshman at Seton Hall University

Free Nokia Lumia 900 for Seton Hall University Freshman with SHUMobile App

Yes! You read the title of this topic right. The freshman class of 2016 at Seton Hall University are getting free Nokia Lumia 900. Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey decided to give away free Nokia Lumia 900 to all the freshman joining this fall. Seton Hall has partnered up with Microsoft, Nokia and AT&T to provide a custom version of Nokia Lumia 900.

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Microsoft Developers Song – A Disastrous Performance at NDC ’12

Microsoft Logo

Companies usually hire other PR companies to market their product or throw a party of a certain kind for an event. Usually these event management companies do the PR activities too. At Norwegian Developer’s Conference 2012 (NDC), Microsoft had to face disappointment and the event became disastrous for them with the Microsoft developers song and dancing performance.

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Apple Agreed To Pay $2.25M As Settlement for New iPad WiFi+4G in Australia

Apple Logo

People in Australia got quite frustrated with the Apple’s New iPad WiFi + 4G tablet because it was not supporting the 4G LTE networks of Australia. Apple therefore offered a refund because the 4G network of Australia was not connecting to the New iPad 3. The New iPad was able to connect with the US 4G networks but the Australian network of Telstra got out of their hands.

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New iPhone 5 Pictures Leaked – Are They Real?

iPhone 5 White and Black Body Pictures Leaked

World’s top selling smartphone is without any doubt the Apple iPhone series. From the day one till today iPhone has a class and keeps a standard. Like I always say, Apple does not make the products for everyone. Only some of the people can afford it, and that’s what makes iPhone a hot seller too. After the success of iPhone 4S it is expected that Apple is going to release iPhone 5 somewhere in October or November 2012. There are lots of rumors around the Internet about the looks of the new iPhone 5. One of the website got their hands on the housing of Apple iPhone 5 which shows how the new iPhone 5 looks like.

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Nokia 110 and Nokia 112. Are They Low-End Smartphones?

Nokia Logo

Last month Nokia released their two handsets Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 from Pakistan for the first time. It was a global launch from Pakistan of any mobile manufacturer, and I believe Nokia broke the ice by realizing the huge potential and market of Nokia in Pakistan. Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 are the two low-end dual SIM phones but with quite a lot of features .

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Hands on: Huawei Ascend Y 200 Mid-Range Android Smartphone

Huawei Ascend Y 200 - Front

From the start of this year, Huawei started taking things seriously about Android smartphones market. Initially Huawei had been on the backend and provided major infrastructure for the mobile and telecom networks around the world. Today I got my hands on their new mid-range handset Huawei Ascend Y 200.

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Internet Cafe Robbers Forgot To Signout His Facebook

Crime on Facebook

Criminals are on social media too, if you don’t believe it read this story and few other incidents happened in the past few months and all these stupid thieves and robbers were arrested too. In the area of Calima, north of the city of Cali, Colombia two Internet cafe robbers were arrested. They came to use the Internet and while signing off, they assaulted the Internet cafe manager and took away all the money.

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How to find/check Facebook ID?

Facebook Developers Logo and Icon

Facebook ID was in the URL of your Facebook profile page, unless you created a username for your profile. Just like the Facebook page username (e.g. ‘pickmoreblog’ is our username)  making the page URL easy to remember like http://facebook.com/pickmoreblog or http://fb.com/pickmoreblog. Similarly the user profile can set the username too, but when you got to find out the Facebook ID for some purpose, its difficult.

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