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Electronic Cube Puzzle Game The electronic version of Rubik’s Cube was a great addition to puzzle games. Now ThinkGeek presents you with the electronic cube puzzle game which is looks great and promises to be a good time pass. The puzzle game comprises of 4 cubes, each with a electronic display. Every puzzle cube comes up with a separate image, then you have to arrange all the cubes and join together to make the full image. Moreover, not only does it has images it also features words to make. Read more for the video of this electronic interactive cube puzzle game.

Here is a video so you may get the exact idea how the game works:

[youtube Xnm0I0K63Ms]

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]There are about 600 puzzles which this cube game offers, the arrangement of how the next game will be is random. Sometimes you will get a image to solve and the next puzzle can be word to arrange. There are 300 image puzzles and 300 word puzzles in it.

Electronic Cube Puzzle GameEach cube of this gadget has 4 magnetic connectors which then connects with others to form the puzzle solution.

Electronic Cube Puzzle GameThe dimensions of an individual cube is 2.625″ and takes 2AA battery to run a single cube. The electronic games comes up with a back-light option so you can even play it when your room lights are off, and they come up in different color lights. This new electronic puzzle game is a very good toy for nursery children so that they can learn the language and the identification of different animals and stuff.

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