Funny Children on Youtube

YouTube,no doubt has videos of all types and has a huge user base as well.Many a times you come across a video which you find totally amazing and exciting to watch.I usually watch children videos in my free time,because they are totally hilarious.So today i have got the 5 most funny youtube videos i have ever seen.

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DigiFi’s Wireless Headphones are Sleek

Wireless headphones have always been the best ad-on for your iPods or any other player that you have.Its much effective than the used wired headphones,as you can move your head freely to the tunes you are listening and also because they look supercool.DigiFis Digital Opera wireless headphones are new in the market and give an amazing sound quality.

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Homer Simpson’s Funny Laughables

Homer SimpsonWho doesn’t like “The Simpsons Show”,the show is very adorable and people just love to watch it.It carries up a wide range of audience from children to adults.Homer Simpson the character is definitely the ultimate attraction for the show,his witty and stupid one liners are sure to laugh on hours.Here are some of the best one liners and funny dialogues from Homer Simpson.

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Top 5 Awaited Movies of 2009

Top5Movie lovers should keep some extra popcorn as there are some pretty awesome movies coming out this new year.Last year the best movie was The Dark Knight,for all the good reasons along with it was Ironman which also got a tremendous response.Lets see some of the top 5 awaited movies this year.

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Samsung F700 – The Ultra Smart Series Phone

Samsung F700 - The Ultra Smart Series PhoneSamsung has annoucned its ultra smart smartphone the F700.The phone has a fullscreen touch-screen interface,which is very much in vogue these days.It also carries the most important easy mobile internet facility.According to Samsung,this phone has the best of accesories to compete against the best in the market.

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First 100 dot-com registered domains

dot comThe Internet industry started in 1985 and the first .com domain “” was registered on 15th March, 1985. The company was a computer manufacturer which was known for its Open Genera Lisp and Macsyma computer algebra systems. Symbolics company was bankruptted in 90’s and the domain was transfered to its new owners. This still makes to be the earliest registered .com domain which is still functioning.

Expiration Date: 2016-03-16
Creation Date: 1985-03-15
Last Update Date: 2006-12-20

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Optic Fibre repairing robot submarine reached at site

Undersea Optic Fibre CableOn Friday, the underwater optic fibre cable connecting Asia with Europe and US was cut down at the Mediterranean Sea. This is the second time in the year that this cable was damaged. As a result most of the Middle Eastern countries including – United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen; were knocked out from Internet access.

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Which is the first web browser?

Mosaic LogoMany people still wonder that which web browser was the first one. Many think that Netscape was the first browser, but they are wrong. The first web browser was called “Mosaic”. Mosaic was developed by two guys Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (also known as NCSA).

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Customize Google Gmail in the best way

Google LogoAs you all are already aware that Google Gmail has a Google Lab feature where Google developers team continuously put new features as an add-on to the gmail for their users. You can customize the features/modification and looks of your account the way you want with enabling and disabling of different useful features. I would like to share some good features that you must enable to customize your gmail account.

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How to enable Multiple Windows Live Messenger without any patch

Windows Live MessengerHaving more than one Microsoft MSN Hotmail or Messenger account is a very common thing among computer users. The only problem arises when the user wants to login to two different Windows Live MSN Messengers at a time simaltenously. There had been different patches available in the market like “polygammy” and others. But today, I would like to guide you how to enable multiple Windows Live MSN Messenger without using any patch or additional add-on.

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